Here is a small selection of the pieces I have played, conducted, coached, or otherwise been involved in. Click links to watch, use embedded audio player to listen.


Solo Percussion Repertoire


Snare Drum

Becker- Mudra

DeLecluse- Douze Etudes

Forsthoff-Fluid Space

Pratt- 14 Rudimental Contest Solos

Rouse- Mime

Tompkins- Nine French-American Rudimental Etudes, vol. 1 and 2

Tompkins- March

Tompkins- Walkin’ Down Coolidge



Deane- Prelude I

Deane- Prelude III

Erickson- In the Valley of the Kings



Adler- Signals Intelligence (revised)

Cage- One4

Cage- Composed Improvisation for Frame Drums

Deane- A Robe of Orange Flame (video part 1; part 2; part 3)

Kitazume- Side by Side

Lang- Anvil Chorus

Anvil Chorus

Lewis- North Star Boogaloo

Masson- Frum

Romig- Block

Xenakis- Psappha


Xenakis- Rebonds


Vibraphone/Glock/Chimes/Toy Piano

Adler- Motetus

Andersson- uncommon encounters epilogue

Applebaum- Composition Machine No. 1

Cage- Suite for Toy Piano

Deane- Apocryphal Still Life

Dietz- Alive Sophia, Dead Sophia, Zombie Sophia

Fink- At the End/After the End

Lang- Miracle Ear

Masson- Aura

Volness- Winter Circle



Adler- Liber Pulveris

Andersson- not everything that happens is in the newspaper

Andersson- sentimental consolations: three short pieces for marimba

sentimental consolations I 7.15.12 sentimental consolations II 7.15.12 sentimental consolations III 7.15.12

Bissell- Hanger 84

Deane- Etude for a Quiet Hall

Deane- Three Shells

Deane- The Sea of Clouds

DeLio- Transparent Wave IV

DeSantis- Clock-Face without Hands

Dietz- Madison’s Unicorn

Duckworth- Meditation Preludes

Ewazen- Northern Lights

Halt- Marimbasonic

Koshinski- Variations (After Vinao)

Lang- String of Pearls

Maslanka- Variations on Lost Love

Maslanka- My Lady White

Maslanka- Concerto for Marimba and Band (solo part)

Miyoshi- Torse III

Sammut- Three Spirals (1 and 2)

Sammut- Rotation II

Sammut- Stroboscope

Vinao- Khan Variations

Westlake- Fabian Theory

Westlake- Hinchinbrook Riffs



Beall- Rancho Jubilee

Bergamo- Piru Bole

Bergamo- Easy Schlepp

Bergamo- Shradhanjali

Forsthoff- Aberinkula I

Forsthoff- Green-White-Green

Forsthoff- Parampara

Forsthoff- Prairie Home Companion

Forsthoff- Riq, roll’d

Gloss- Five in Five

Robinson- Bear Talk

Robinson- Handful

Robinson- Il Mano

Robinson- Shaken, Not Stirred

Robinson- Mirage

Robinson- Well In Hand

Robinson- Global Positions

Robinson- Interior Design

Robinson- Carnatic Variations

Robinson- Trio for Ogun

Robinson- Orisha Offering

Williams- Another New Riq

Williams- Bodhran Dance

Williams- Four Solos for Frame Drums

Williams- Rhythmic Journey No. 1

Williams- Rhythmic Journey No. 2

Williams- Rhythmic Journey No. 3

Williams- Merck’s Tattoo

Williams- Maqsumed

Wrinkle- Warthog No. 3


Percussion Ensemble Repertoire

Adams- Green Corn Dance

Adams- Drum Quartets from Coyote Builds North America (II, III, IV)

Adler- Signals Intelligence

Adler- Pines Long Slept in Sunshine

Alves- Gandrung

Andersson- the lonelyness of Santa Claus

Andersson- imagine there was nothing

Applebaum- Catfish

Applebaum- Go, Dog. Go!

Astrand- Ice Dance

Astrand- Till Brandon fran Anders

Bresnick- A Message from the Emperor

A Message From the Emperor

Cage- Four4

Deane- Vespertine Formations

Deane- Pyriphlegethon

Duckworth- Gymel

Dun- Elegy: Snow in June (w/ Cello)

Garland- Appleblossom

Harrison- Fugue

Higdon- Splendid Wood

Lentz- Can’t See the Forest…Music

Ligeti- Independence

Maresz- Festin

Mellits- Red

Minnear, et al, arr. Forsthoff- On Reflection

Nishimura, vocal arr. Forsthoff- Ketiak

Nozny- Coin

Pawassar- Sculpture 3

Richards- Time’s Racing (but Measured by What We Do)

Reich- Six Marimbas

Reich- Music for Pieces of Wood

Sary- Pebble Playing in a Pot

Tcherepnin- Symphony No 1, Movement 2

Ter Veldhuis- Take a Wild Guess

Varese- Ionization

Wallin- Stonewave (video part 1; part 2)

Westlake- Omphalo Centric Lecture

Westlake- Kalabash



Chamber Repertoire

Adler- Ecstatic Volutions in a Neon Haze

Andriessen- Worker’s Union

Dietz- Alernate Route

Dietz- Chant with Bells

Engebretsen- Compression

Farr- Kembang Suling

Golijov- Mariel

Harrison- Ariadne

Lang- Cheating, Lying, Stealing

Lias- Mount Rainier Search and Resuce

McTee- Stepping Out

Nilsson- Krasch!

Riley- In C

Saint-Saenz/Young- Carnival of the Anivals

Varese- Hyperprism

Varese- Dance for Burgess

Xenakis- Plekto

Xenakis- O-Mega (soloist)

UK CME- O-Mega