I am available for studio recording and live performance. As a classically-trained percussionist, I can approach your project with a particular ear for sound. As you can see elsewhere on this site, I am also well-versed in many, many other percussion instruments. If you think that I can contribute to your project, send me an email and let’s figure it out, I love the collaborative process!


I have played on the following records (click on album covers for more information, audio clips, etc):


Fellswater- Skipping Stones, 2017- Bodhran, Bones, Cajon, Djembe, Dumbek, Pandeiro, Pedorhythmie, Ocean Drum, Tapan


The Vox Hunters- The Vox Hunters, 2017- Bodhran, Bones, Cajun Triangle, Chapchas, Snare Drum


Emerald Rae- The Blackbird, 2017- Djembe


Eric Chasalow- [untitled track], 2017 [forthcoming]- Bodhran


Lee Atlas- “Risen” New England Arts Institute, April 2016- Bodhran


Rudi Schoemann- Pischbere- Leiselaut Records, 2010- Bodhran, Cajon, shakers, other percussion

pischbere cover

Audio Sample: Rudi Schoemann- Die Wirisch Weschbel (Jigs)- Kyle Forsthoff, bodhran